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Whoa… a shed???

So I didn’t reread the other posts before I started this one so if I repeat something, now you know!!

I built a workroom in by backyard… just so we’re still on the same page…and it’s still amazing to say almost a year later!!! I’m my own hype man…(my affirmations).

I really did something awesome that some may not ever explore or a minimum it’ll take several years. I started TeTe’s in 2016. I dev my recipes through much trial and error before I sold a product in 2017. So to be at a place to build a workroom, 5 years later, yeah I’m still in awe of it all…not the best part. I had lots of help and support From friends and family over the years to get to this point!

Lets get to the building… ok. I shopped and studied shed plans and designs before I selected a building. I researched the foundation needed on site and compared it the needed base of the building I had planned to go with. i wanted to make sure that everything came to together like it should. I also had to take into account the utilities for the space; their cost, their foundation, and when everything would be installed. Everything single one of my tradesmen visited the site before any foundation was create and they visited immediately after it was installed before the building came in.

Well, the building was selected and the sales contract developed. I signed my name on the line and committed to a design that I thought would best suite my needs for the business and I’ll post a few pictures below...

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Congratulations and I’m so excited for you! Many blessings and sending abundance vibes to you!!

Gefällt mir
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