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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

It’s been a few months since HQ was built and now Im ready to share the details! Here we go..

it’s was all a dream… the idea of have an actual makers was so very clear to me and necessary. I had out grown my home. Stuff, everywhere! it was a wonder I could find anything. .. I’ll move this along to get to the good parts… ok. I bought a house in November 2019 with enough yard space to be able to have a workroom on site. Something sizable to make sure I can get out of my kitchen and extra rooms and into one space. Well, my sister Amani Stebbins, Moo Moo Boutique, has a sizable unit at her home that served as a workspace for her barber lounge for years! I mean, the idea of tiny living spaces isn’t new to me but her example of all things that can be included inside the space we’re very real and familiar; her space is one to see! Amani had the blueprint. Well after much research and thought, conversations with friends (I’m surrounded by creatives, architects, lawyers), I decided to start the shopping process for a shed! In this region of Maryland, the Amish sheds rule the day. They are the best! I shopped several places before I found the location I was able to purchase from.

Process of designing the shed was fairly easy but I’m a creative and an interior designer.… the amount of serious thought and research that went into selecting the exact unit that would give me the amount of light and space I desired, was serious. If you’re considering taking on this kind of project, Pinterest can be your best friend and worst enemy.

I found the best location for purchase in Gambrills, MD and I’ll attaching their information. Tell Mike, Tiaa sent you!

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