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It’s was all a dream.. of the best ly ever starts that way... it was all a dream.. I used to read Word Up magazine. I did read Word Up and my lumberjack was Black and White..enough of that...

..this blog will be dedicated to all things TeTe’s Butter Co. The ins and outs of things at this stage of business .. year 5! I started in 2016 making Bubba Butter for my eczema plagued nephews (one of which has grown into a very handsome teenager who isn’t very consistent with his application) .. and now I’m here... blogging about the development of my makers space (affectionately known as HQ).

TeTe’s HQ will be the new space I’ll make all of your favorite products, pack all orders from the website, go Live for da Gram, and host podcast shows for and with friends!

HQ will be peaceful and organized for me ...

HQ will be filled with music and meditation...

HQ will be a money making magnet...

Join me here to learn more about TeTe’s Butter Co.

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Unknown member
Apr 30

Wow, looks like TeTe's Butter Co. is on a fantastic path of growth and expansion! It's interesting to see how after making Bubba butter for your nephews, you reached the 5 year milestone in business. When reading the post, I didn’t have enough video content. Be sure to add it can help you with this. It's effective, simple and free

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