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Slow Down and Take a Whiff of This Bubba Butter, Boo

Listen - in this microwave society where everything is fast-paced and half-backed before you put it in the oven, I want to invite you into my kitchen, where we're mixing up plant-based, homemade, small-batch beauty and body products for the entire family!


The market is full of body and beauty products that can damage our bodies and the environment. Many of these products contain many toxic chemicals that we put on our skin, inhale, or ingest daily without realizing their potentially dangerous effects. From shampoos and creams to lipstick and deodorants, these seemingly harmless products are anything but.


Like always say, "if the ingredient is too hard for a child to recite in a spelling bee, you probably shouldn't be rubbing it all over your skin."


At TeTe’s Butter Company, we believe in providing safe, natural alternatives that nourish your skin while preserving the environment and its ecosystems. Our ingredients come directly from nature: plants,  herbs and nut butters and oils - all carefully hand-picked and chosen for their natural healing effects on the body.


There's no need to worry about parabens or added chemicals; only the finest ingredients go into our products. Our butters and creams are nourishing, moisturizing, and downright delicious!


Self-care should be a priority for everyone, not just a luxury for the few. From vegan body butters to natural sprays, we offer an array of products to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.


So realign yourself with nature, and come join us at TeTe’s Butter Company as we create safe and effective products with love, care, and a sprinkle of magic. You won't regret it!


Welcome to TeTe’s Butter Company, where love and nature come together. Enjoy!




Tiaa (TeTe) B. Rutherford